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The focus of our rentals is to alleviate the frustration and limitations of inexpensive 'cello shaped objects' and provide every student with the best opportunity to succeed with a properly made and setup instrument.

Please note that 100% of each rental payment, less tax and insurance, is equity that can be applied toward a new instrument purchase when you are ready for ownership.

Thank You for considering Evergreen Workshop for your instrument!

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    Your rental payment includes basic insurance covering normal wear and tear and protects you in the event the instrument becomes damaged beyond reasonable repair.  Amounts shown below are already included in the payment amount above and will be deducted when calculating Equity available for instrument purchase.
    Quarterly    $24/quarter
    Annually     $80/year

    Choosing the correct instrument size is critical to your musical success.  Students can exchange sizes at any time.  Equity continues to build as you rent!

    Please check with your teacher to determine the proper instrument size or follow the simple guidelines below.

    Select Instrument Size:

    Following chart for Cello
    Height Range Arm Length Cello Size
    48" to 50" 16"-18" 1/8 size
    51" to 54" 18"-20" 1/4 size
    55" to 58" 20"-22" 1/2 size
    59" to 62" 22"-24" 3/4 size
    63" and up 24"+ 4/4 (Full) size

    How to measure for a Cello

    The following height guidelines will help determine the correct cello size.  In addition, measure the player’s arm length from the shoulder joint to the tip of the middle finger.  Default to the next smaller size if in doubt.  A larger instrument may cause discomfort and frustration.  Please call, email, or visit our showroom if you have any questions.  (866) 474-2722 or info@evergreenviolin.com

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    Endpin Rests

    Rock Stop for Cello

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