String Instrument Repair & Restoration

Given that a stringed instrument is a significant investment, you should always seek the expertise of a qualified string instrument repair luthier. Sometimes what appears to be an extreme emergency, like a neck loosening or a seam opening, can actually be dealt with relatively simply by a qualified expert with the appropriate tools, training, and expertise.

Any object used, no matter how lovingly, will encounter wear and tear over time. Your violin may need a new bridge, pegs or sound post. Seams may open.

Keep your stringed instrument sounding as good as the day it was crafted with repair and restoration by the Evergreen Workshop. Our shop offer a full range of maintenance, repair and restoration services for your violin or other orchestral stringed instrument.

Call or come by Evergreen Workshop to consult about your string instrument’s needs. Our qualified luthier provide free consultations and estimates for your violin, viola or cello instrument.  We’re centrally located for the Virginia Peninsula in the Oyster Point Industrial Park – Newport News.

Common Repair Services

String Instrument Wood Repair & refinishing

During the life of a well-played string instrument, at some point you may consider having it reconditioned or refinished. The original varnish of the instrument plays a large role in its sound. Thus, we have a safe approach of repairing cracks and retouching the varnish finish for scratch repairs to maintain your instrument’s sound integrity. We then apply a French polish to bring out the instrument’s wood details. From open seams, crack and scratch repair to full instrument setup, Evergreen Workshop has you covered with an experienced luthier on staff.

Fingerboards, Bridges, Soundposts, Pegs & Nuts

Our restoration services also include the repair, restoration and replacement of fingerboards, chin rests, tail pieces, bridges, strings, pegs, nuts and soundposts. We provide experienced fast turn-around service of violin, viola, cello and upright bass component repairs.

Call us about your next neck angle correction or graft, peg refitting or bushing, or fingerboard resurfacing need at 757-707-8332.

Tonal Adjustments

String instrument tonal adjustments are a process for optimizing the tone and play-ability of your violin or other orchestral stringed instrument. Tonal adjustment involves balancing the aspects of an instrument’s setup, with the goal of enhancing its best qualities and playing characteristics based on the player’s individual needs. Like fine-tuning the engine of a sports car, string instrument tonal adjustments bring out its intended clarity and resonance.

Bow Rehairing & Repair

Your string instrument’s bow is an integral component of obtaining a quality sound experience when playing. Evergreen Workshop provides common bow re-hairing, re-cambering and restoration services here in our Newport News location for any violin, viola, cello, and bass instrument. Cleaning and polishing of the bow and lubrication of the frog eyelet are included with every bow re-hair service.

Evergreen Violin Repair Services

String Instrument Restoration Services

  • Carve a New Bridge
    (Bridges come as “blanks” and must be custom fitted.)
  • Soundpost – Reset or Replacement
  • Fingerboard Dressing
  • Nut or Saddle Replacement
  • Shim a Nut
  • Varnish Re-touch
  • Instrument Clean & Polish
  • Crack Repairs
  • Open Seam Repairs

General String Instrument Repairs

  • Replace Eyelets
  • Replace Screws
  • Bush Frog or End Buttons
  • Bush Pilot (inner) & Bush Screw Holes (outer)
  • Straightening or Recambering
  • Pearl Eye Replacement
  • Pearl Slide Replacement
  • Spline Broken Head
  • Ferrule, End Button or Ring Replacements

String Instrument Bow Services

  • Bow Rehairing
    • Violin & Viola Bows
    • Cello Bows
    • Double Bass Bows
  • Lappings
    • Sterling Silver Wire
    • Goatskin Thumb Leather
    • Lizardskin Thumb Leather
  • Tip Replacement