Difference Between Cello and Violin

difference between cello and violin

String instruments are pretty incredible. They can create incredible music, especially if the musician playing the instruments have a great deal of skill. Of course, the general public is most familiar with the violin, but that’s not the only string instrument out there. In fact, you can get violins, cellos, double basses and so much […]

Are A Fiddle And A Violin The Same?

Are a fiddle and a violin the same

How can you tell the difference between a fiddle and a violin? The short answer is you can’t – they’re actually both the same instrument. Though different musicians can sometimes use the two different terms to refer to their instrument, it is still basically the same four stringed instrument that you see in classical orchestras […]

The Right and Wrong Ways to Use Bow Rosin

The Right and Wrong Ways to Use Bow Rosin

When most people think about playing the violin, cello, double bass, viola, or any other string instrument they tend to picture the bow and the instrument. After all, that’s all you need, right? Wrong! There is a crucial third component in that partnership that can make or break your playing. Rosin is solid pine resin. […]

What to Bring to Orchestra Camp

So, you’re off to orchestra camp. Lucky you! Now, you’ve probably already packed your instrument, but what else do you need to bring? Let’s take a look! For Practice Ring-binder Pen and pencil Staff paper Eraser Sheet protectors Bow rosin Spare strings Instrument stand Chin/shoulder rests Instrument case Cleaning cloths and solutions Toolkit for repairs […]

Difference Between Viola and Violin

Difference Between Viola and Violin

  One of the biggest music-related confusions for non-instrumentalists (and even some practiced musicians!) is the difference between the viola and the violin.  They’re both stringed instruments, they look very similar, and their names even sound the same – so what exactly is the difference, and how do we tell them apart? Fear not, music […]