Violin & String Instrument Lessons

Evergreen Workshop On Premises Lessons

Evergreen Workshop offers on-premises violin, viola, cello and upright bass lessons at our Oyster Point location in Newport News, VA.

We have a qualified professional string instrument teacher offering classes for varying instruments and skill levels. Call us today at 757-707-8332 for more details on our cello, viola, bass, and violin lessons in Virginia.

Violin Lesson Pricing

  • 30 Minute Lessons/$30.00 each
  • 45 Minute Lessons/$42.00 each
  • 60 Minute Lessons/$51.00 each

Choosing your First Instrument

When considering the rental or purchase of your first orchestral string instrument, quality is important. The market is flooded with very cheap and poorly made instruments that also equate to the quality of the sound experience of these “knock-off” instruments.

Evergreen Workshop has a number of quality first-time quality violin, viola, cello and bass string instruments on premises for rent. We also ensure fitting the right size instrument to your needs while you are learning… and growing.

If starting as a child, a good recommendation would be to rent your instrument until reaching full size before purchasing. Sizing the instrument to your frame is always important to consider with string instruments.

First lesson Recommendations

Renting or purchasing an instrument of the right size for you is among the very first and most important considerations you need to make.  Instrument rosin is also among the first items you want to have for your first lesson.

Additionally, most violin teachers generally agree that a tuner, shoulder rest and notebook are nice to have with you at the start of your classes.

You will be provided with a list of required items for your class depending the type of instrument you are learning on and the level of skill you currently possess. We encourage you to be as prepared as you can be to get the most from our time. As with anything – practicing what is taught with each lesson needs to be a habit.

Hampton Roads Orchestral Resources

Bay Youth Orchestra
Offering six levels of ensemble training, BYOV gives students the opportunity to learn and perform the world’s greatest orchestral literature.

Peninsula Youth Orchestra
The Peninsula Youth Orchestra, Inc. was founded to provide a high quality musical experience to dedicated young musicians on the Virginia Peninsula.

The Academy of Music – Norfolk
The Norfolk, VA Academy of Music offers instruction in violin, viola and cello using the Suzuki Method.

Hampton Roads Chamber Players
The Hampton Roads Chamber Players is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving gifted and passionate young musicians the experience of playing in small groups in order to push their skill level and elevate them to play at higher levels.

VSO Master Classes
Each season, the Virginia Symphony Orchestra’s Education and Community Engagement Department holds Master Classes that feature VSO guest artists and musicians. Participating students have the opportunity to experience the hands-on nature of these unique mastery classes. Selected students will play for and be critiqued by the featured artists.