String Instrument Repair & Restoration

The Art of Instrument Set-Up

Terry Allen, the owner of Evergreen Workshop and violinmaker, performs most set-up and repairs in-house. Terry’s philosophy is that set-up is the art of all things that make an instrument playable. From the way the pegs turn to properly shaping the fingerboard, nut, saddle, soundpost and bridge all contribute to the instrument’s playability. For example, one-tenth of a millimeter can make a world of difference in the fit of a soundpost.

These adjustments are all part of what can improve the sound of your instrument.

Instrument Repair

Any object used, no matter how lovingly, will encounter wear and tear over time. Terry’s approach as a violinmaker is to start with the least invasive action to repair the issue.

When repairing, he consults with the instrument’s owner on the appropriate plan of action, giving estimates upfront and contacting the customer if additional string instrument repairs are needed.

Call or come by Evergreen Workshop for an instrument consultation. We’re centrally located for the Virginia Peninsula in City Center Oyster Point – Newport News.

Evergreen Violin Repair Services

String Instrument Repair

  • Carve a New Bridge
    (Bridges come as “blanks” and must be custom fitted.)
  • Soundpost – Reset or Replacement
  • Fingerboard Dressing
  • Nut or Saddle Replacement
  • Shim a Nut
  • Varnish Re-touch
  • Instrument Clean & Polish
  • Crack Repairs
  • Open Seam Repairs

Bow Repair

  • Bow Rehairing
    • Violin & Viola Bows
    • Cello Bows
    • Double Bass Bows
  • Lappings
    • Sterling Silver Wire
    • Goatskin Thumb Leather
    • Lizardskin Thumb Leather
  • Tip Replacement