Professional Affiliations

Evergreen Workshop has been in business for over a decade providing fine stringed instruments and bows for sale along with sheet music and accessories. Evergreen also rents instrument outfits to those who are not ready to purchase as well as providing top-notch instrument set-up and repair.

Service Is Our Priority!

Located in Newport News’ City Center at Oyster Point, the shop caters to musicians at all playing levels. Service is the priority whether a musician is purchasing, renting or having an instrument repaired.

On-Premises Luthier

Owner and Violinmaker, Terry Allen, graduated from Boston’s North Bennett Street School of Violin Making in 1995.

Following graduation, the Newport News, Virginia, native, continued his education guided by several of the country’s master violin makers.

Referring to this time as “graduate school,” Terry refined his skills in the art of violinmaking, instrument set-up and repair.

While in these shops, he worked with professional musicians, teachers and students with the goal of maximizing the sound and playability of each instrument.

Terry does not rest on his laurels. He continues to increase his knowledge of violins and violinmaking through his association with the Violin Society of America.

In addition, Terry gains specific and practical skills by attending Violin Restoration Workshops at Oberlin College as well as other skill specific workshops in other areas of the country.